Deploy lnmp(Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP7) using docker.

I want to share my ideas and designs about Web-Deploying using Docker with you.



The whole app is divided into three Containers:

  1. Nginx is running in Nginx Container, which handles requests and makes responses.
  2. PHP or PHP-FPM is put in PHP-FPM Container, it retrieves php scripts from host, interprets, executes then responses to Nginx. If necessary, it will connect to MySQL as well.
  3. MySQL lies in MySQL Container,

Our app scripts are located on host, you can edit files directly without rebuilding/restarting whole images/containers.

Build and Run

At first, you should have had Docker and Docker Compose installed.

Without building images one by one, you can make use of docker-compose and simply issue:

$ sudo docker-compose up

For more operations to containers, please refer to:

$ sudo docker-compose --help

Check out your https:// and have fun :beer: